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7th March 2023

Healthy Crops: A forgotten classic of agroecological science

Tara Gibson Pinheiro explores the intriguing story and critical importance of Healthy Crops: A New Agricultural Revolution– a lost classic of agroecological science now republished online for the first time… Read More

12th January 2021

Healthy Crops: A New Agricultural Revolution

First published in 1985 by agronomist Francis Chaboussou, Healthy Crops: A New Agricultural Revolution is republished online in full here for the first time! A forgotten classic, Healthy Crops offers… Read More

7th March 2018

Event: Science and Spiritual Practices, with Rupert Sheldrake

On the 9th May Gaia will host celebrated scientist Rupert Sheldrake to explore how and why western science is increasingly re-valuing millennia-old spiritual practices from meditation to Nature connection. Find… Read More